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Sipayik TAQP-ME

  • EPA site number: 23-029-0032
  • State: Maine
  • County: Washington
  • City: Pleasant Point
  • Address: 184 County Road
  • Site coordinates:
    • Latitude: 44° 57' 49.00" North (+44.963611°)
    • Longitude: 67° 03' 39.00" West (-67.060833°)
    • Elevation: 8 m (26 ft)
  • Maintained by: Passamaquoddy Tribe at Pleasant Point
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Current Measurements
Monthly Summary Report
Yearly Summary Report
  • Real-time monitoring since: Thursday, August 16, 2007
  • Current status: Active
  • Continuous monitors located at this site:
    • Met Data
    • Ozone
    • Fine Particulates (PM-2.5)
  • Parameters currently being monitored:
    • Pollution parameters:
      • Ozone
      • PM-2.5 (Local Conditions) Raw Data
    • Meteorological parameters:
      • Wind Speed
      • Resultant Wind Speed
      • Resultant Wind Direction
      • Maximum Wind Gust
      • Standard Deviation of Horizontal Wind Direction
      • Outdoor Temperature
      • Dew Point Temperature
      • Relative Humidity
      • Solar Radiation
      • Ultraviolet Radiation
      • Barometric Pressure
      • Precipitation

PLEASE NOTE: This data has not been verified by the TREX and may change. This is the most current data, but it is not official until it has been certified by our technical staff. Data is collected from TREX ambient monitoring sites and may include data collected by other outside agencies. This data is updated hourly. All times shown are in local standard time unless otherwise indicated.