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Current PM-2.5 (Local Conditions) Acceptable 24-Hour Levels

The map below shows the current highest PM-2.5 (Local Conditions) Acceptable 24-hour levels measured in micrograms per cubic meter (local conditions) (µg/m³ LC) for each of the metropolitan or other areas across United States where PM-2.5 (Local Conditions) Acceptable is measured by the TREX. More detailed maps showing the current 24-hour PM-2.5 (Local Conditions) Acceptable levels measured at each site in a particular area are available by clicking on the boxes on the map. These levels are based on data measured at the TREX's continuous air monitoring stations and may include data from local governments and private monitoring networks.

The latest imagery available is for Sunday April 30, 2017 20:00 MDT.

Key to PM-2.5 (Local Conditions) Acceptable Highlight Colors:

The daily average color-coding is based on the 24-hour standard levels for PM-2.5.
The table below shows the levels, color-coding, and suggested actions for the 24-hour standard.

There is no current measurement for this area or site.
PM-2.5 (Local Conditions) Acceptable levels in this range are projected to be healthy based on the national 24-hour standard for PM-2.5 (Local Conditions) Acceptable.
  • No health impacts are expected when levels are within this range.
  • No health impacts are expected when levels are within this range.

PLEASE NOTE: This data has not been verified by the TREX and may change. This is the most current data, but it is not official until it has been certified by our technical staff. Data is collected from TREX ambient monitoring sites and may include data collected by other outside agencies. This data is updated hourly. All times shown are in local standard time unless otherwise indicated.